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 Charge to the Sons of Confederate Veterans
To you, Sons of Confederate Veterans, we will commit the vindication of the Cause for which we fought.  To your strength will be given the defense of the Confederate soldier's good name, the guardianship of his history, the emulation of his virtues, the perpetuation of those principles which he loved and which you love also, and those ideals which made him glorious and which you also cherish.  Remember, it is your duty to see that the true history of the South is presented to future generations.
Lt. General Stephen Dill Lee
United Confederate Veterans
New Orleans, 25 April 1906 

Tom Smith Camp Charge 

The Tom Smith Camp #1702, Sons of Confederate Veterans, is proud of the 1,500 brave men from Suffolk & Nansemond County who left their homes & families in defense of Constitutional Liberty and States Rights to face overwhelming odds. Many paid the ultimate price, all endured hardships and suffering while maintaining the reputation of the greatest fighting force the world had ever known. Placing their faith in God, the Southern Soldiers fought for a just cause and the light of their accomplishments can never be dimmed or shadowed by any.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has vetoed HB587 which was created to close a loophole in the existing war monument law. HB587 would have clarified a law passed in 1998 that prevented local governments from disturbing or interfering with war-related monuments. The bill introduced this year by Del. Charles D. Poindexter, R-Franklin County, would clarify that monuments built before 1998 were also protected under the law.

"The Governor of Virginia has bowed to pressure from the NAACP and liberal Democrats and just vetoed a bill that would have strengthened the protection of Veterans’ monuments and memorials in Virginia. Because of their political shenanigans, ALL veterans’ monuments and memorials in the Commonwealth may be at risk. They have effectively spit in the face of every veteran, living and dead." 

Because Ole Miss, once and yet AGAIN, is being taken over by mamby-pamby, ignorant liberals, interloping OUTSIDERS and fools educated above their intelligence levels we have decided to post some information for those who are unaware of the truth. You won't get the truth from the school or any other school, we dare say. You need to understand that the WHOLE SCHOOL is ensconced in Confederate EVERYTHING whether you know it, realize it, accept it or acknowledge it or not.

Here is some information on the famous students that formed Co A of the 11th Mississippi...

Many scholars and history buffs of the war are aware of the Greys, but not many know that this company suffered 100% casualties at Gettysburg. The University Greys were in Pickett's charge at Gettysburg.

Consequently every single STUDENT was either wounded or killed in battle. This is a sobering fact and one the university wants desperately to hide from their students, faculty and public. Yeah, we aren't much for hiding truth around here.

On December 1, 1860 an infantry company was organized in Oxford called the Lamar Rifles. The average age of this company was about twenty years old. Many of them were students at the university. Leaders of the state were opposed to forming military company of students on campus, but the students of Ole Miss were anxious to enlist. They were indignant over the opposition by the leaders of the state.

Later in December, the boys organized on their own. They elected William B. Lowry as their captain. Mr. Lowry was elected due to his military training while living in Kentucky.

On February 7, 1861 Governor Pettus commissioned the following officers: Captain William B Lowry, First Lieutenant Calvin B McCaleb, Second Lieutenant Levins M Bisland, and Third Lieutenant William A Raines. General Griffith mustered the company on the 22nd day of February 1861 as part of the Mississippi state troops. This company would form the University Greys. 

These boys paraded through the streets of Oxford that day ready to serve their STATE and defend their families.

On May 1st at 5:00 a.m. the young, nineteen year old Captain Lowry, along with his company, boarded the train with the Lamar Rifles and departed Oxford. They were bound for history, some for eternity; and their lives would never be the same again. STUDENTS.

On May 2nd, the faculty records the following entry: "The Chancellor reported that since the departure of the 'University Greys' on the 1st join the Confederate Army, nearly all the other students have taken out dismissions from college or leave of absence...only five students left in attendance..." 

In other words,
almost every student in the University fought in the Confederate Army.
And their school DISHONORS THEM. 

The Tom Smith Camp would like to offer sincere condolences to the friends and family of Compatriot Robert "Bob" Archer. Bob passed away on Feb 22nd and will be dearly missed. 

Compatriot Robert "Bob" Archer at the Civil War Days in New Bern, NC lat year with fellow camp members Wayne Bowen, Jerry Talley & Michael Bowen.


Robert H. Archer, 74, died on Monday, February 22, 2016. He was a native of Nansemond County, but lived all over the country. He was pre-deceased by his parents, R.H. and Kitty Archer. 

Mr. Archer is survived by his sister, Catherine Archer Alexander and brother-in-law W. Everett Alexander; nephews, Rett Alexander and wife, Tiffany, Vaughan Alexander and wife, Doan, Ryan Alexander and wife Stephanie; great nephews, Tyler, Slade and Dax; great nieces, Madison, Sidney, Reese and Peyton; special friends, Dr. William Paquette, Gae Ward, Ann Wuest, Matthew Bernier, and special angel Linda Presson Rawlinson who was always there when needed. The family would like to thank all those who were so helpful to "Bobby", especially at the end.

Mr. Archer was a costume designer and pattern-maker acquiring his skill at the University of Richmond, the Traphagen School of Fashion Design, New York City, and he was a graduate of Ringling School of Art, Sarasota FL, majoring in Fashion Design. 

Mr. Archer has designed fabrics; has served as both designer and costume master for ballet and theatrical companies; designed and constructed couture clothing and wedding gowns; and designed ballroom dance competition costumes. His work in miniatures was highlighted in authentic period costumes – ethnic, fantasy and modern adaptations using exquisite fabrics, trims, beadwork, and accessories. 

Active in a number of doll and miniature organizations, he received "ARTISAN" status in the International Guild of Miniature Artisans in March 1991. His individualized figures for the consummate collector have been featured in DOLLS IN MINIATURE, DOLLS, DOLL READER, NUTSHELL NEWS, and MINIATURE COLLECTOR. He has authored articles for most of these magazines. 

He has served on the Board of Directors, as First Vice-President, and President for two terms of the International Doll Makers Association. He was a founding member of the Tidewater Doll Club of Virginia and the Doll Study Club of Tidewater. He was also a member of the Jane Coleman Doll Study Club and former member of the Norfolk Doll Club and the Blue Bonnet Bebes of Houston, TX. All clubs are part of the United Federation of Doll Clubs. He has served as Regional Director for Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, and Washington, D.C. of UFDC and on a national level Parliamentarian. 

He has conducted workshops nationally, taught adult seminars at the college level and has been a judge in international competition. He has also been a consultant for a number of doll related firms with designs and patterns. 
This award winning artist has his work in a number of museums and private collections around the world. In 2002 FASHION DOLL WARDROBE, A COLLECTION OF DESIGNS AND PATTERNS, authored by Archer, was published by Portfolio Press. This boxed book set contains forty-five designs and patterns from period to contemporary styles.

Proud of his American Indian heritage, he served as an adult advisor to an Explorer Post devoted to Indian lore. He has danced with the Young Elk Singers and Dancers on the powwow circuit and taught mens' traditional dance to young men and adults.

An amateur genealogist, he has traced all four sides of his family back to the early colony of Virginia. This research has led to membership in the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Tom Smith Camp #1702 and the restoration of the Archer family cemetery. He was a regular contributor to THE HERITAGE and other Civil War publications. He also taught Civil War era dance classes and made period clothing for re-enactors. He was very proud to be on the Board of Riddick's Folly Museum, working with volunteers and guides.

A funeral service was held Friday, February 26, 2016 at 11 AM at Western Branch Baptist Church 6952 Old Myrtle Rd Suffolk with Rev. Patrick Joyner officiating. Burial was at church cemetery.  In lieu of flowers memorial donations may be offered to the church or charity of one's choice. R.W. Baker & Co. Funeral Home and Crematory is assisting the family. Condolences may be offered at - See more at:

The Virginia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans, supports a positive and affirmative message of Confederate Heritage. We are a non-partisan organization, with a strong Heritage preservationist focus. Our purpose is to Honor and care for Confederate Soldiers and Sailor’s graves; Confederate sites and monuments: display flags and Southern symbols, all as a sign of Honor to Confederate Heritage and cultural diversity.

When Confederate issues come under attack we express our thoughts and opinions through Honorable means. This was done when we spent 3 years to secure the Virginia State issued License plates with the Trade-marked SCV logo. This was eventually granted and became State law. We have worked with Legislators to craft bills that Honor and protect Confederate Heritage, monuments, graves, battlefields and other historical artifacts.

Confederate Heritage should always receive equal treatment in all issues before the law. Our first amendment rights should not be eliminated through a false accusation connected to a violent act. The SCV in NO way condones violence, racism or use of Confederate symbols in acts of bigotry, hatred or racism.

To call for the revocation of the State-issued SCV logo license plate is a travesty. To further react and elude that the violent acts of a deranged individual is somehow related to this Heritage Organization is unacceptable. To suppress our 1
st Amendment Rights should be a wake up call to all citizens of the United States. This is not what Our Country is in favor of.

Murderous acts of a deranged, crazed, disturbed individual in SC, is reprehensible. This individual was not a member of the SCV. He was a demonic individual, who should have been identified prior to this outrageous act as it is felt that behaviors of violence, hatred and racism must have been seen prior to this inexcusable act.

We call on all Americans to take time to reflect, pray and use common sense before reacting with knee-jerk responses. This Country did not become the greatest Country on Earth by this type of reaction and suppression. Systematically censoring a large portion of our Nation is not the answer.

We call on our elected Officials to stand firm in protecting the rights of All Americans. No revision of Southern Heritage will change the Southern Mantra. Our Confederate symbols must never be used as a sign of  war, hate or divisiveness.

May GOD Bless the South,
VA Division SCV

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